Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

The next OCE Paper workshop is planned Thursday, March 12th (12:00-14:30), room A_346.

Pedro will present an exciting on-going work about bureaucracy, entitled “Bureaucracy is Dead, Long Live Bureaucracy: Taking Stock and Moving Forward”.

« Bureaucracy is a defining feature of the modern world and of many organizations. Yet as a concept, it has a troubled history. Troubled, first, because scholars refer to different things when they speak of it. This has led to fragmentation and confusion which is visible for example in the contradictory assessments of bureaucracy’s persistence and of its consequences for phenomena such as innovation or collaboration. Troubled, second, because the literature has been limited by an excessively narrow view of bureaucracy, one which sees it as a reified ‘thing’ and which overlooks macro and micro factors that shape the way it manifests itself and is experienced. These concerns prompted us to propose this review. Our aim is to develop greater conceptual clarity and analytical precision to orient future research and provide a more solid basis to understand the nature of bureaucracy and the changes it is undergoing in the 21st century« .

We wish you all a great day.

Looking forward to seeing you,