OCE Research Center

OCE Research Centre

emlyon business school OCE Research Centre gathers a community of researchers including both permanent professors and PhD & doctoral students of emlyon business school, all moved by values of conviviality and engagement. We share the idea that doing good research in a very productivity- and competition-driven academic environment, supposes the maintenance of strong collectives.

People’s everyday experience at work

OCE was born in 2004, with the initial conviction that research interested in organizations, work and management, would benefit from critical and political perspectives, encouraging the understanding of organizational and institutional dynamics from the capture of people’s everyday experience at work.

Today, our scientific endeavor is strongly influenced by the unprecedented rapid transformation of the organizational and corporate world. We strive to grasp how people invent and maintain creative ways of “staying alive”, to transform their lives, as well as the contexts in which they live, in the contemporary ruthless neo-liberal context. This goes beyond investigating corporate workplaces: social transformation also happens in other contexts, such as communities, cities, social media, etc.


These are complex stories to tell and analyze, that require intensive fieldwork: micro-sociological dynamics in turbulent workplaces, collective mobilization, the fate of communities in liquid societies, the future of work and workers… are examples of these stories we strive to tell. Our current topics of interest cover a wide range of issues that can only be tackled through thick descriptions permitted by qualitative and ethnographic forms of investigation.



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